Guitar Romantica

Acoustic guitar duo featuring jazzy Latin styles, romantic ballads, and originals


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These tunes don't touch the ears, they touch the heart.

This CD, of guittaromantica is very classy and well composed, may god bless the composers for their very good tunes, surely this CD will help the young guitarists to improve their attitude towards playing guitar. Hope in future more CDs of these kind will come in to market.


Mesmerizing !! Purely magical. An incredible blend of sounds and styles.

I saw Guitarromantica at the Association of Fingerstyle Guitarrists' annual convention in Orange County, Ca. recently. WOW !!! Amazing talent there, and Andres and Kent were brilliant. This CD is it!! If you want beautiful music, the blend of styles and sound that is Guitar Romantica will entertain you for a long time.

Dave Eberwind

Fun, romantic, humorous, and energetic all at the same time!

The first thing I noticed about the songs on this CD was the sounds of the guitars themselves; most guitar duos play in a specific style, with a specific type of guitar, and it is hard to tell which player is playing at any given time. But on this CD, the Beyond Borders theme hits home immediately, as one hears the mellow sound of the Spanish guitar playing along with the slightly brighter American sound of the acoustic-electric guitar. In addition, each musician brings along his own bag of tricks and styles from his side of the border, resulting in a musical experience that is fun, romantic, humorous, and energetic all at the same time. The songs cross the lines between traditional South American styles, American jazz, beautiful ballads, and some well-known standards. The last track on the CD is a lullaby that Andres' father apparently used to play for him when he was a child, and is my favorite of the bunch; about as perfect a tune as a tune can get. I would recommend this first effort by Guitar Romantica to anyone of any age!

John Boda

A captivating masterpiece and perfect blend of styles!

If you love beautiful guitar music, you'll love this CD! There is not a weak song or moment in the superb guitar playing of these artists! Europa is so fine it makes Santana's version sound like a copy. You won't find a more tasty and cooler version of Blue Bossa anywhere, and if El Diablo and Tico Tico don't make you want to dance, you may not be human or even alive! The only stuff that comes close is maybe Earl Klugh's collaboration with George Benson, or some of Ottmar Liebert's albums. But this is in a class by itself, do yourself a favor and buy it, it's not only beyond's beyond great!